Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Atlas Scholars Program?
Scholars will participate in a one month summer program for three consecutive summers, starting with the summer between sophomore and junior year of high school. Scholars' last summer program will be the summer before they enter college.

What type of time commitment is required throughout the year?
Scholars are provided a mentor to work with throughout the year. The relationship is meant to provide an extra layer of support and guidance. Scholars typically communicate through email and over the phone, meeting for coffee or lunch when they can. Scholars will typically meet once a month to check in with the program director and each other.

Do I have to reapply every year to stay in the program?
No. However, you must remain in good standing with the Atlas Scholars program team. Scholars are required to maintain a relationship with their mentor, maintain a minimum GPA, submit test scores, and adhere to program requirements in order to remain in the program.

How is transportation provided?
In order to ensure every student accepted into the highly competitive program can participate, we offer METRO cards to students to use for the duration of the summer program.

How are students compensated during the summer?
Students are given a stipend at the end of every two weeks completed during the summer program. Stipend is comparable to minimum wage.

Are students considered employees of Atlas Commodities?
No, students are not considered employees of Atlas Commodities and therefore receive no employee benefits.

Can I participate in other programs or employment after I’ve been accepted into Atlas Scholars?
We strongly encourage our Scholars to remain active by participating in many different activities throughout the year. However, due to the performance-based nature of our program, we require all students to be present for the duration of each 4-week summer program.