Summer 2017 Update #4

 - week four -

Last Friday, we wrapped up another incredible summer with our Scholars! Read below for more details on the final presentations, trips, speakers, and the investment challenge!

Speaker Series


The Atlas Scholars speaker series wrapped up with Constellation Vice President and Senior Trader Jack Miglioretti visiting the program from Baltimore, Maryland. In addition to speaking about his current role, he spoke about the personal decisions he's made throughout his career that have led to success. He spoke about the importance of perseverance and above all developing strong work ethic. The Scholars were able to ask questions for over thirty minutes - it was a very interactive talk to end the summer program. Thank you, Mr. Miglioretti, for taking time to visit and speak with our group!

Field Experiences


Last Monday, our Year One Scholars visited the Taylor office of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, to learn more about the electricity grid that controls Texas power and ERCOT's role in the energy sector. Ray Manzanilla, one of ERCOT's electrical engineers, gave the students a sneak peak into the control room and explained the work that takes place there everyday. Once students saw the control room, they were joined by Leslie Sopko, Corporate Communications, and discussed in more detail the careers at ERCOT, the different organizational functions, and potential innovations to come thanks to new and updated technology. We are extremely appreciative of the time ERCOT spent with our Scholars and the access they provided as well. ERCOT has been one of our foundational visits since the first year of the program and we look forward to our continued partnership!

Year 1 Final Presentations


The Year One project this year asked groups to take a position either for or against globalization and deliver a ten minute presentation to Atlas Commodities President; Craig Taylor, Chief Operating Officer; Tejpal Singh, and the rest of the Scholars. Scholars were asked to consider poverty rates, global wars/terrorism, strengths and weaknesses of different economies, and living standards, as a starting point. The presentations were well delivered and impressed the judges with their concise yet thorough discussion of an extremely complicated issue. Well done Year One teams! 

Year 2 Final Presentations

At the start of the program this year, the second-year class of Atlas Scholars were tasked with creating a comprehensive college excel model to help refine their college search and quantify what they want in a college. Some criteria they were asked to consider included: school type, SAT/ACT scores, class size, area of intended study and acceptance rates. This week, they presented their models to their peers and were given great constructive feedback. Each model varied depending on the Scholars specific goals and interests, but each considered both quantitative and qualitative data as important components when examining decisions. Check out the spreadsheet compiled by Christian Lopez HERE!

Investment Challenge Update

Year Three Scholars concluded their Investment Challenge in the final week of the program. With time running out, teams scrambled to find upcoming IPOs and earnings reports in a last ditch effort to strike it big. Unfortunately, many of these efforts backfired and came at the sacrifice of rankings. Regardless of the outcome of the game, the Scholars learned a lot about taking risk, justifying decisions, and developed a stronger sense of strategic decision making. Congratulations to our winning team H&M, who came from behind to the top position with some strategic pharmaceutical investments! 

Year 3 Luncheon


Our nine graduating Scholars closed out their last summer program with a celebratory lunch with the Atlas team. A lot of laughs were shared, talk of summer plans, and lots of congratulations to our 3rd graduating class! Pictured above are our Year 3 Scholars with Board Member, Tejpal Singh after they presented the Atlas team with a plaque representing the Scholars network spreading through universities across the country! Stay tuned for more updates throughout the year on how they manage their first year at college!

A special thank you to all of those who made this summer program possible.

Leslie Sopko
Natalia Lara
MaryAnne Brelinsky
Mark Faist
Chris Palmer
Val Bernal

Robert Paul
James Beeks
Ramesh Reddy
Joe Rubbo
Judy Johnson
Cody Tholcken

Jack Miglioretti
Maura Yates
Adam Lewis
Rob Raymond
Jeff Harris

Ray Manzanilla
Nancy Sahota
Mike Loya
Jimmy Ott
Nathan Mancha
Jay Mondkar