Summer 2017 Update #3

- week three -

We can't believe how fast June is flying by. Last week included visits to Vitol, an Amazing Race Challenge at EDF, final presentation practice, and much more!

Speaker Series

Third year Scholars participated in a video conference call with Dr. Ramesh Reddy, an emergency physician based in London, Ontario, Canada. He gave the Scholars four essential tips to ensure success; find your passion, work hard, embrace and learn from failure, and most importantly be kind. He emphasized the importance of these four qualities as keys to not only finding success in a career path, but also in life. His personal story showed Scholars that hard work and kindness can lead to vast opportunities and success. He also reminded Scholars that failures are part of the journey. The Scholars closed the talk with some more specific questions about Dr. Reddy's medical career. Thank you so much for your time and words of wisdom!

Robert Paul, Investment Banker from Credit Suisse also addressed the Scholars, speaking specifically about careers in banking. The presentation was an excellent introduction into the banking sector, particularly investment banking. Rob broke down his current role and also spoke about his background and how he secured his current role at Credit Suisse. Rob was completing his MBA during the first years of Atlas Scholars and has remained actively involved with the Scholars. We were thrilled to have him visit and appreciate the time he spent developing a presentation that thoroughly explained investment banking and opportunities within the sector. Thanks so much Rob!

Field Experiences

Thursday, Scholars visited EDF and participated in an activity about energy management. Scholars formed 6 teams, each headed by an employee of EDF. EDF President and Atlas Scholars board member Mary Anne Brelinsky sent the teams off with a challenge to manage a fictional power plant's energy needs for the day. Scholars met with lawyers, risk managers, and compliance officers before deciding whether to sell their plant's energy production in the day-ahead power market or in the real-time market. Weather and a lower-than-expected energy demand lowered energy prices for the day. After each team calculated their profits, the top three teams explained their strategy and were awarded prizes. The Scholars discovered that energy management involved plenty of strategy, math, risk management, and even a little bit of luck. The activity helped give Scholars an opportunity to put their knowledge to use. We are very appreciative of the time spent creating the game and all of the EDF employees who enthusiastically participated in the experience. They cannot wait to return to EDF next year!

Scholars visited the Vitol office where they were hosted by Vitol President, Mike Loya.  The Vitol team including Adam Lewis, Natural Gas Derivatives Trader; Joe Rubbo, Bio Fuels Trader; Mark Faist, Trader; and Jimmy Ott, Natural Gas Options Analyst, spent time speaking with the Scholars about their backgrounds, how they landed at Vitol, and what they identify as their keys to success. Hard work was a recurring theme! In addition they learned about Vitol's many businesses, including their non-profit organization, Vitol Foundation. Afterwards, the Scholars were given a tour of the new office which hosts beautiful modern artwork, scenic views of Houston, and the live trading floor. Vitol has been an integral part of the Atlas Scholars program since our very first year and we are very thankful for the opportunity to visit the office this year and meet with the leaders at Vitol!

Investment Challenge Update

With two weeks in, the Year Threes have developed a better understanding of the game and the workings of the market from their daily world news discussions. The tech sector bounced back this week, and the Year Threes have seen substantial shifts in the rankings of their Investment Challenge. Some teams were able to take advantage of upcoming earnings reports and other market catalysts to reap hefty returns, turning the game in their favor. With one week left, anything could happen!

Thank you to all of our partners and supporters who make Atlas Scholars possible.