Summer 2017 Update #2

- week two -

Week 2 flew by and included guest speakers, a college visit, lots of current event discussions, and some excitement in the investment challenge!

Class of 2017 College Day

We are so excited for the future endeavors of the Class of 2017! They have chosen excellent universities and programs to embark upon this fall.

Matthew Diaz - Columbia University
Mikeal Casares - Texas Southern University
Betsy Goodfriend - Vanderbilt University
Haeyun Lee - Harvard University
Mauricio Osuna - The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Michael Nolasco - The University of Texas, San Antonio
Benigno Solis - The University of Houston
Lindsey Staskus - The University of Texas, Austin
Mabel Tsado - Carnegie Mellon University

Speaker Series

Last week, Maura Yates of Mothership Energy Group gave an energetic and enthusiastic talk about careers in energy, specifically her experience working within the renewable energy sector. Maura took the Scholars through her highly interesting, non-linear career path. She has worked in every aspect of the renewable energy industry, ultimately equipping her to co-found her current company, Mothership Energy Group - a boutique group of women-owned energy solutions companies. Throughout her talk, Maura emphasized the importance of adding internal value to whichever company you work for, going above and beyond to solve problems within the company, and having perspective when working within the industry.

Nancy Sahota visited last week and spoke with Scholars about the importance of networking and how to develop specific networking skills. Nancy took Scholars through her career trajectory starting in advertising in New York City, founding her e-commerce business in Canada, and making important mid-career transitions. She touched on the importance of putting yourself out there and the difference it can make. She addressed the proper way to reach out, whether it is in person or on Linkedin. She taught the scholars about how networking can boost their careers and give them an edge to employers. Scholars will be working on creating professional resumes and LinkedIn profiles - so be on the look out for our Scholars connecting with you!

Investment Challenge Update

Year Threes have continued to follow the market closely. They have learned to observe and react to current events and future trends by holding morning market discussions with Chief Financial Officer, Tejpal Singh, that focus on the effects of world events on international and domestic markets. As the Investment Challenge progresses, slumps and dips in the market have proven to be a true challenge for them, especially a slowdown in the technology sector. Many teams have started to focus on stocks with upcoming earnings reports to try to generate quicker returns. Stay tuned - only two weeks left! 

Year Two Scholars spent the day at the University of Houston as guests of the Bauer School of Business. They learned specifically about programs offered by the business school as well as the engineering school. Students participated in a budget simulation and toured campus dormitories. Thank you to the Bauer School of Business programming team for coordinating such a meaningful experience for our group year after year!

Thank you to all of our partners and supporters who make Atlas Scholars possible.