Winter 2016-17 Update

- happy holidays -

As 2016 comes to a close, ten Atlas Scholars alumni wrapped up their first semester in college. UT Austin freshman Eliav Terk shares with us the top ten things he's thankful for this year!

  1. My professors for reminding me every week how little I actually know.
  2. Midterms for causing the early onset of disorders most people only get in their 60's.
  3. Dorm dining halls for teaching me where culinary school rejects find unemployment.
  4. "Save the (insert noun here)" clubs for always handing out free t-shirts when I don't want to do laundry.
  5. My friends for being the only people who'd notice if I went missing for a few days.
  6. Febreze for making dorm rooms inhabitable.
  7. WebMD for replacing me shouting down the hallway to my mom to make sure I'm not dying.
  8. Cyclists for having the courtesey to mumble "sorry" as they ride off after running over your foot on their way to class.
  9. Burnt orange for being the least attractive color on anyone I've ever seen.
  10. My family and mentors for always offering advice, help, and providing a break from the daily insanity of college.

- thank you -

This holiday season, as two groups of Atlas Scholars are returning home from college and a third class awaits acceptance letters, we would like to recognize and remind you that your personal involvement and financial contributions have made that possible! Our students have received valuable mentorship, training, and scholarship through Atlas Scholars and are now poised to make their dreams a reality.

As we continue to grow and reach more students, the support we receive from our board members and initial donors has provided us with the stability needed to grow our program. We are very thankful for the continued and renewed support from:

Mr. Greg Agran and Goldman Gives
Mrs. Mary Anne Brelinsky and EDF
Mrs. Renee Masaryk and The Albert and Ethel Herzstein Foundation

In addition, we are excited to announce a new partnership with Koch Supply and Trading thanks to Mr. Jason Vogler. We'd also like to acknowledge Mr. Jack Miglioretti for his personal contribution to Atlas Scholars this year both through a generous donation and for serving as a guest speaker this past summer session.

During this season of giving, don't forget about Atlas Scholars. Your donation goes directly to supporting our Scholars and their ability to attend the schools of their dreams and provides valuable support along the way. 100% of donations go directly to our students. Donate here.

- congratulations -

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 Early College Acceptances!

Energy Institute High School Class '17
Columbia University

Carnegie Vanguard High School Class of '17
Indiana University & The University of Texas at Austin

Carnegie Vanguard High School Class of '17
The University of Michigan

- coming up -

Atlas Scholars Winter Summit
Tuesday, January 3rd
3:00pm - 7:00pm

This year's holiday social will start with professional development sessions led by Atlas alumni including a panel discussion, interview preparation, current events activities, and more. This will be immediately followed by our holiday social.

Thank you to all of our partners and supporters who make Atlas Scholars possible.