Fall 2016 Update #2

- 09.26.16 -

The school year got off to a great start for all of our new college students and those returning to their high school and college campuses. Lots of great things already in the works for this school year! 

Our second class of Scholars have successfully transitioned to living on their own and have completed their first month of college. Looks like they are settling in and enjoying making new friends and conquering new challenges!

Scholars Updates

The first month at Carnegie Mellon has been quite exhilarating. Starting with the House Wars, which was a set of tournaments between freshmen dorms during the orientation week (we won, go Stever!), the pace has only been picking up. At the freshmen convocation, I was given the honor to carry the Tepper Business School flag. Before the classes had officially started, we, the Tepper freshmen, visited the PNC Financial Services in their new building in downtown Pittsburgh and got to interact with CMU alumni currently working there. So far there has not been a dull moment - I've already been on several tours of Pittsburgh, seen the city from its skyline, and gone to a Pittsburgh Pirates game. This is all within the limits that the school work has allowed me, of course! - Beata Purvina, Carnegie Mellon University

I have just completed my second week here at Carleton, but I must say I have never accomplished so much work in such a short time.  I completed two papers, three books, and multiple scholarly journals!  It feels like I have been here for over a month!  Carleton is on a ten week schedule so classes are very fast paced and rigorous.  However, many parts of the residential life make up for the work and stress.  The campus has such a homey and accepting atmosphere and "Minnesota nice" is real!  I am really happy here and am loving the campus and college life.  The weather is perfect, it actually looks like fall!  I'll have to get back to you about the winter weather though! - Amie Bigirimana, Carleton College

Celebrating Scholars Successes 

Matthew Diaz - Invited to Columbia University Fly-In
Energy Institute High School C'17
Congratulations to Matthew Diaz who was accepted into Columbia University's "Fly-In Program."  This program provides Matthew with an all expenses paid trip to Columbia to participate in a recruitment weekend on campus with the College of Engineering. Matthew submitted an application for the very competitive "Fly-In" program and was notified last week that he was accepted into the program!  Congratulations Matthew!

Astrid Escobar - Named Editor of School Newspaper
Lee High School C'18
After Atlas Scholars, I attended Communications Camp at Texas A&M University. My newspaper advisor recommended I attend the camp in order to learn more about journalism and to be able to teach others about improving our campus newspaper. It was such a great experience, that resulted in me being named Editor of the school newspaper!In addition to taking a full course load of advanced classes I am also enrolled in a dual credit welding course. I will be certified in Safety and Shielded Metal Arc Welding by the time I graduate!

Coming up...

  • Juniors and Seniors take the SAT Saturday, October 1st
  • Juniors take their last PSAT Wednesday, October 19th
  • College Early Action and Early Decision Deadline October 15th 

Next newsletter we will share where our Seniors are applying for school and ways to support Atlas Scholars!

Thank you to all of our partners and supporters who make Atlas Scholars possible.